13 things Chicago bartenders wish you knew

March 6, 2018

We're passing along words of wisdom from some of our favorite local barkeeps

Chicago bartenders have seen it all. They play psychologist when you’re in need. They’re game to con your out-of-towner friends into shooting Malört at a dive bar. They’ll even help you call a car when you’ve had too many fancy cocktails. But there’s a lot they wish you knew. We asked bar vets to give us a speedy education on how to become a better patron.


1. Hands off...2. Get off your phone...3. Use your manners...4. Get your paws off my cherries...

5. Tell me something weird...6. Get out of your comfort zone...7. Don’t walk off with our stuff...

8. We probably like different things.


“Don't ask us what our favorite thing to drink is because we aren't the ones drinking it. Talk to us about what you’re looking for because I’m willing to bet you don’t like shots of overproof whiskey as much as I do.” —Whitney Morrow, head bartender at Bordel


9. Bartending is a legit job...10. Stop asking for freebies...

11. Pop a squat... where it's clean...12.I don't care if you know the owner


13. There’s no such thing as a girly drink.


By Time Out Chicago



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