The Ultimate Speakeasy Style Cocktail

October 19, 2017

The Ultimate Speakeasy Style Cocktail

Sweet, tart, smoky and nutty – what else could you want from a delicious Bordel cocktail...


by Rachel Popa


Take a trip to the 1920s, with the Oaxacan Streetfight cocktail at Bordel, a modern speakeasy-style cocktail bar inspired by Prohibition-era Chicago. The Oaxaca Streetfight is a sweet and smoky cocktail that combines flavors of Peloton Mezcal, tart cherry, cardamaro, Gancia Aperitivo and orange bitters for a rich taste.


"The Oaxacan Streetfight is a Manhattan style cocktail, with a lot of different elements. You've got smoky obviously, but then there's a lovely bitterness, sweetness and a touch of nuttiness," said Liz Pearce, the beverage director for Bonhomme Hospitality. "It's a drink meant to be a nightcap, something that will help melt away the day's stress."


Luckily, Prohibition won't get in the way of enjoying this unique and relaxing cocktail. Cheers!

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