IN 1949, THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM was published. The hard-hitting novel told the story of a low-level hustler and card dealer, Frankie Machine, who returns home from World War II to one of the toughest neighborhoods in the country: Chicago's Division Street. Dreaming of someday becoming a professional drummer, Frankie is saddled by a crippled & controlling wife, Zosh, and a secret "thirty-five pound monkey” on his back in the form of a morphine addiction. This tragic story was the public's first peek inside the neon wilderness of Wicker Park. And so honest and poignant was the telling that the novel was awarded the first National Book Award in 1950. While the neighborhood has changed, the ghosts of hustlers, thugs, drunks, and addicts linger.


When your downstairs neighbor is one of the city’s best Spanish restaurants – MAMA DELIA, a Restaurant, Sherry Bar, and Ultramarino offering a fresh take on what is happening in Spain right now – late-night dining gets a major upgrade at Bordel.  An abbreviated selection of dishes from Mama Delia is available all night at Bordel.


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